About PowerPlayWins.com



Sports Betting has been very lucrative!  With our Money Management System
  Clients learn discipline and the Value of 1 Strong Play per Day!  Building a bankroll
  takes time and patience.
 Example #1: Betting 5 Games per Day at $100 per game equals out to $3,500 a week.
The average bettor wins 2 out of 5 games per day and thats on a good day assuring
a loss of $2,100 per week.
Example #2: Betting 1 Game per Day at $500 on solid information Risking $3,500 a 
week.The Professional Bettor wins 5 out of 7 games per week. Losing $1000  Assuring
 a $2500 profit weekly.
 These Methods have been tested by our Experts and proving to be effective.
Pros of Sports investing: Finding a reliable source with strong information equals 
a instant return on your investment.
Sports Information is the new stock market. Making a substantial profit in less time 
with lower risk. 1 Strong play per Day is all you Need!!!